Our Story


We Day and We Act

Locally active, globally aware.

We Day is the movement of our time, empowering a generation of young global citizens through an inspirational event and a year-long educational initiative called We Act, which offers curricular resources, campaigns and materials to help turn the day’s inspiration into sustained activation.

We Act is the blueprint for young people to take action as agents of social change.

Why? Because we believe that we are the first generation that can truly end the worst forms of poverty, embrace we thinking and we acting and remove the barriers to youth being agents of social change. And there’s no time to waste: every single day we have the opportunity to make this world a better place. And everyone has a role to play.

How are we doing this? By pushing forward the boundaries of charity and creating change. It’s a worldwide movement that proves anyone can change the world—and revolutionizes how we make that change.

We Day and Free The Children

How are the international charity and the movement of our time connected?

We Day is an initiative of Free The Children.

Free The Children is an international charity and educational partner that educates, engages and empowers youth to become agents of change. We Day inspires us into action.

A Legacy of We

Read about how the movement began in 2007 and track the evolution of We Day.

Our legacy