Our Partners

Our Partners

It takes a village to put on We Day, a community of passionate supporters who believe in the power of youth. They are the teachers who engage their students in the world around them, the young people who spend hours raising money and awareness for local and global causes, the bus drivers who wake up at the break of dawn to take dozens of eager students to the event.

They are the employees who believe in their company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility, the philanthropists who ensure that the event is free to attend, the broadcast partners who help millions across the world join the celebration, and the speakers and performers who share their voices and talent to inspire a generation of young leaders.

All of our partners share in our mission of empowering youth to reach their fullest potential as active citizens. They are the champions of our mission—and our mentors, inspiration, advisors and friends.

What does We Day Partnership look like?

Our partners play many roles. Thousands of dedicated students, parents and corporate employees volunteer at We Day every year. They serve as set-up crew, greeters, ushers, seating coordinators, talent hosts and so much more. Corporate partners generously carry the costs required to make We Day possible, while also offering other forms of assistance: programming support, donated services, in-kind donations and fundraising. From individual teachers to entire school boards, our educational partners help us to spread the message of youth empowerment to students across three different countries. And these are only a handful of examples!

We have many different kinds of partnerships, including:

  • Volunteer Partners

    • We Day would be impossible without our volunteer partners. From set-up, and seating, to crowd-pumping and clean up, their support energizes the movement
  • Corporate Partners

    • From nation-wide corporations to small local businesses, our corporate partners ensure that students and educators can experience the magic of We Day at no cost. This support takes many forms: from funding a year-long educational campaign, speaker tours or We Day itself, to providing transportation or even supplying volunteers with pizza.
  • Media Partners

    • Our media partners carry the message and stories of We Day over the radio, on the internet, through television broadcasts, and in special sections included in newspapers.
  • Educational Partners

    • o From individual teachers to entire school boards, educational partners are key to the success of We Day and We Act. By bringing We Act into their classrooms, educators are spreading the message that youth have the power to change the world.

And then there’s you! Whether you’re in the stadium, volunteering your time and energy, following the event on Facebook, watching the live broadcast, using We365 or signing up for the We Act Program, you are part of the movement of our time.

More than a One-day Event

We Day isn’t just a one-day event. Our partners help to kick-start We Act, a year-long educational program that empowers young people to discover the causes they care about and take action to make a difference. By taking action on one local and one global cause, students gain leadership skills and volunteer experience, and make a tangible impact on the world around them. Whether through fundraising to build a school in a developing community, or launching a canned food drive to support their local food banks, students learn that they can make a difference in the world and developing the skills to succeed academically, in the workforce, and as active citizens.

Impact of We Day

Since the first We Day in 2007, the reach and impact of the movement have grown exponentially. Thanks to the support of our generous partners, 200,000 students and teachers will attend We Day this year, free of charge.

Since 2007:

492,000 Youth have attended We Day 8.9 Million Hours of silence logged for those denied their rights
$45 Million raised for more than 1,000 local and global impacts 14.6 million hours volunteered for local and global causes
5.6 Million Pounds of food collected for local food banks 3.8 Million We Day Facebook fans & 1.1 million Twitter followers

During the 2013/2014 We Day Season:

7680 schools were involved in We Act Over 2 million students reached by We Act
$11.2 million raised for local and global causes 1.6 million pounds of food raised through We Scare Hunger
49,644 Hours volunteered by adult supporters at We Day 34,524 pounds of non-perishable food were collected
1.4 million hours of silence logged for those denied their rights 4 million hours volunteered for local and global causes

Alumni Impact

Mission Measurement, LLC, is a consulting firm that partners with leading non-profits to evaluate their social impact. In 2011, Mission Measurement conducted a survey of Free The Children alumni to assess the lasting impact of Free The Children’s domestic programming. Survey highlights include:

73% of respondents agree or strongly agree that their involvement with Free The Children resulted in increased community engagement 83% have made a financial charitable donation in the last year
80% of alumni volunteered in the last year and did so for more than 150 hours over the course of the year on average 79% of voting age alumni report having voted in the most recent national election, double the rate of their peers.
80% of alumni reported that they had volunteered in the prior year and for an average of 13 hours per month 90% of alumni developed/strengthened the belief that they are responsible for addressing social justice issues
68% of alumni gained a clearer sense of what they wanted to do with their life 79% of voting age alumni report having voted in the most recent national election, double the rate of their peers
68% of alumni consider social justice issues when making lifestyle and consumer choices 73% of alumni agreed that their experience with Free The Children was transformational

Educator’s Survey

Through We Act’s year-long educational programming, students are equipped with the tools to succeed academically, in the workplace and as active citizens. In order to measure the impact of We Act, teachers are asked to share their group’s accomplishments and to reflect on the impacts the year-long program has had on student participants.

Academic Engagement

88% of educators believe that their students are now more confident in their ability to set goals and see them through to completion
80% of educators think that their students are now more optimistic about their long-term future
73% of educators agree that their students now display a greater enthusiasm for learning

Workplace Readiness

94% of educators have seen their students demonstrate increased leadership among their peers
87% of educators believe their students have more effective communication skills
88% of educators think their students are more able to work effectively and respectfully in diverse teams

Civic Engagement

95% of educators believe that their students now know more about local and global issues
92% of educators think that their students are more likely to demonstrate positive behaviours
90% of educators have seen their students demonstrate more consideration of local and global issues in their everyday life choices

All of this would be impossible without our partners. We have been fortunate to connect with sponsors, volunteers and supporters who continue to inspire us with their tireless dedication and their commitment to this truth: that it takes a village to raise a generation of global citizens.