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When we act together, WE change the world.

WE Schools is a movement of students and educators who believe that some of the most powerful learning experiences happen when you make a meaningful difference in the world.

Why WE Schools?

WE Schools is a unique, five-step program—delivered by our educational partners in more than 10,000 schools in North America and the UK—that challenges young people to identify the local and global issues that spark their passion and then empowers them with the tools to take action.

The WE Schools program provides educators and students with curriculum, educational resources and a full calendar of action campaign ideas. Through WE Schools, students gain an understanding of the root causes of pressing issues like hunger, poverty and lack of education, and explore what they can do to help. They also plan at least one local and one global action to improve their community and the world.

By taking action through WE Schools, students gain diverse skills and perspectives that challenge apathy and encourage active citizenship.

Guided in-school by educators, the WE Schools program is designed to increase students’ academic engagement, active citizenship, and university and workplace readiness through targeted learning tools and resources. Within each step of the WE Schools program, students achieve their learning goals through engagement with the WE Schools resources, which develop core skills.

Start a School Group

  1. Sign up: Connect with your Educational Programming Coordinator and receive free WE Schools resources.
  2. Discover your issue and develop your skills: Deepen your students’ knowledge and understanding of local and global issues.
  3. Take action: Browse campaigns, develop action ideas and plan milestones—then get out there and do it!
  4. Record your impact: Update us on your students’ progress and tell us about how you made an impact.
  5. Share and celebrate: Reflect as a group and report on your students’ learning and actions. Celebrate your impact.

Our Learning Framework

The WE Schools Learning Framework is the educational foundation for every resource we provide—from lesson plans to campaigns—all grounded in current pedagogical theories in service-learning and 21st-century learning practices.


Dr. Gerry Connelly, former Director of Education, Toronto District School Board, on how WE Schools represents the future of education.


Check out these action campaigns for inspiration and resources to get you started.

we schools campaigns

WE 365

What if you took one challenge a day—big or small—to better yourself, your community and the world? Sign up to take action, track your impact and share!

Get Started


Resources for Educators

Lesson plans, activities, articles and a full library of resources.

educator resources

Issues Backgrounders

Gain a greater understanding of local and global issues through research and up-to-date statistics.

issues backgrounders

Craig & Marc

Columns by Craig and Marc

Spark a discussion about today’s most pressing social issues and explore real life solutions with these topical newspaper columns by co-founders Craig and Marc Kielburger.

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Bring a Speaker to Your School

Inspire and motivate your students with these powerful presentations.

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Aboriginal Programing

Aboriginal Programming

Explore Aboriginal culture, traditions and more through campaigns, leadership programs, lesson plans and social media.

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Advanced Placement with WE Service

WE Schools, through our WE family of organizations, has partnered with The College Board for a pilot program that brings service-learning to core Advanced Placement courses.

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Youth Summits

Learn about social justice and develop leadership skills through interactive workshops, inspirational speeches and more.

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The WE Schools program empowers young people to take action on the issues they’re passionate about—and discover the power of WE in the process.

WE Schools Impact

WE Schools creates change in a big way.

And the students undergo a profound change as well. Third-party studies of the program show that WE Schools participants feel empowered and equipped to lead at school, in their communities and in their future careers.

we schools impact